Health Insurance/Medicare

Please add your baby to your private health fund and Medicare as soon as possible after birth.

Neither Health Insurance, nor Medicare rebates will cover the full fee for the Consultant Paediatric fees.

If your baby is admitted into the special care nursery and qualifies for inpatient treatment, your private health fund will cover fees for care provided by the attending paediatricians. Special care admissions do not carry a gap fee. If your baby was taken to the nursery to “give you a break”, it does not qualify as nursery care.

If a baby is not admitted into the nursery, fees for care provided are claimable from Medicare only. You will need to register your baby with Medicare to obtain rebates for the fees charged.   A Medicare safety net may be applicable on the rebates you receive.

If you require any further information regarding the Medicare safety net, this is available on the MYGOV website. 

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